Great Pumpkin Paddle

Save the date, Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019, for the region's ultimate family Fall celebration, the Pittsburgh Monster Pumpkins Festival.
“Squashbucklers”—Rowers at the first annual Pittsburgh Monster Pumpkins Festival in their 1,000+ pound pumpkin boats attack the Allegheny River.

One Fruity Flotilla and Whimsical Regatta!
Those are “Real Pumpkins” Rowing Down River.

Thousands of pounds and amazingly able to float. Uncanny, but definitely true, giant pumpkins are incredibly buoyant. They float like a boat…and what better way to “flaunt the float” than with a race, or two, or more that pits Pittsburghers of all shapes, sizes, and status [surprise celebrities are expected] against each other in one literally colossal competition?

A giant, 1,000 pound pumpkin getting prepped for racing.
A small cut-out allows a rower to kneel inside the pumpkin. The fruits are exceptional floaters and used in pumpkin boat races.

Want to Get in the Race?

Become one of the select “Pumpkin Pilots” to paddle one of these gargantuan gourds down the Allegheny and create the memory of a lifetime.
Enter Now!!…click here to become one of the “Prized Pilots” chosen. Get Ready, Get Set, Get Wet! Good Luck!

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