Super-Sizing the Strip…our new home is at the 3 Crossings Campus, between 28th and 29th streets!

Mother nature’s most
Vivacious, Outrageous, Humongous fruits…in one Stupendous Sea of Orange.

Massive 3D pumpkin carving artwork with incredible detail
Overly Plump Pumpkins: a section of the 50-foot long, continual carving done at last year’s Monster Pumpkins PopUp event on the North Shore. The PopUp was a drive-by exhibit only necessitated by the crowd gathering restrictions imposed during the Covid pandemic. The event set a record for most pounds of pumpkin, 22,000, carved in one continual scene.

The City’s most spellbinding spectacle of colorfully colossal cucurbits, and signature “family fall festival” is set to return, Oct. 16–17, in an exciting and all new pumpkin patch place: the 3 Crossings campus between 28th and 29th streets!

We promise one memorable and magical moment in time, made possible by the the world-famous ATLANTIC GIANTS—the most prodigious breed of pumpkins on the planet—with record weights well over 2,500 pounds! Stay tuned, stay positive, stay in touch right here.

Watch the 2020 Monster Pumpkins Pop-Up Highlights video

2-Minute Pop-Up
Because of the pandemic-forced crowd gathering restrictions in 2020, the Pittsburgh Monster Pumpkins Festival became a massive, lit-at-night, drive-by only PopUp exhibit.

Mark your calendar now, Saturday Oct. 16—17, for the “Greatest Growth on Earth” pumpkins so big, so heavy and so fascinating to behold you’ll be doing double takes all day long.

 Unbelievable Giant drops

2020 WTAE Project Bundle-Up Pumpkin Drop—A whopping nearly 2,000 pound pumpkin gets dropped from almost 130 feet high in one sensational splash for charity.

It’s Still ALL FREE…You’ve Got to SEED It, To Believe It!

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