We’re All About the Fun and Games!

Pie Eating Plunge … Pumpkin Pull

Time to Test Your Pumpkin Mettle!

There are pie-eating competitions each day, Sat., October 21 and Sun., October 22 and we’ll only select 10 eaters for each “plunge”…so get in first, then start polishing your pie eating prowess.

Plow into the Monster “Pumpkin Pie Plunge”

Gotta penchant for pie that’s whipped cream piled high? We’re searching for the ultimate pumpkin pie lovers. The ones who savor sugar, spice and dessert always twice. It’s your time…to showcase to all your pumpkin pie pride! Enter the Monster “Pumpkin Pie Plunge” eating contest and pack your tummy with calories so yummy.

Your challenge? Fly, face first, into a full size pie piled high with whipped creme and scrumptiously flavored with the season’s fruit of the month of course: pumpkin. Aah, but there’s a trick around this treat—no hands allowed…we set the time limit and whoever plows through first, or eats the most [we weigh pies before and after] gets the win and grabs the prizes!

Got what it takes? Put your mouth where the pie is...click here to enter [must be 18 years of age or older.

New! It’s One Titanic Tug… Prepare for the “Pumpkin Pull”

The Pumpkin Pull is a hands-on engaging spectator activity challenging the finest, fittest and just about any frivolous adult [must be 18 years of age to enter] to magnify their mojo as they attempt to pull a 500-pound pumpkin up grade in the fastest time…all for some good prizes, but dare we admit, little glory.

Got what it takes? Show us…register at the “Pull Path” both days of the festival.