Xfinity “Extreme!”

One Mighty Jack-O-Lantern!

The only jack-o-lantern in the event—a 2,000+ pound giant—officially named the Xfinity Extreme will sit prominently within the Stack’s Courtyard for outstanding photo ops and keepsake moments.

During the festival’s six short years, we have set world records for largest/heaviest jack-o-lantern twice…only to have those records shattered at competing festivals, once within the same year.

Although spectators are treated to tens of thousands of pounds of pumpkin each year here, only one giant is selected for “jack-o-lantern” carving. To be eligible for world record consideration, Guinness World Records defines a jack-o-lantern as follows:

  • For the purposes of the record, a ‘Jack o’lantern’ is defined as a hollowed out pumpkin or turnip that contains a lit candle inside and cut out holes on its surface to represent facial features.
  • To be considered for the record, the Jack o’lantern must surpass any existing record in this category by both diameter and the height.

Xfinity Extreme Jack-O-Lantern…a one-ton beacon of fun and great way to photo snap your day!